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2015 I started to learn Italian just for fun and by myself. I bought a coursebook with a CD.
From time to time I frequented short-term courses to learn the grammar and to meet other students. But then I realized that the grammar exercises did not help me. They even bored me. And anyway I got to say only a few sentences in a lesson.

That’s when I entered the big world of the Internet and I saw people who can speak 20 or more languages – Polyglots. I was overwhelmed of emotions. I absorbed a lot of information about it. I saw reports about Stephen Krashen, who has a completely different view of language learning to the traditional way which we know from school. So I began to use it and I noticed quickly my progress. A year ago I started to learn Portuguese and French the same time. I improve my English as well, since my first foreign language which I learned in school was rather worse than good.

By now I am a passionate language learner and I cannot imagine even one day without a foreign language.

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Flensburg - zwischen Himmel und Förde

Here you can find a link to the video, so you can get to know Flensburg, where I come from, von Bewegtbild® GmbH & Co. KG

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