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Tips and links for language learning –  the method

This is where I made a range of links which shows you people on YouTube who speak and learn a bunch of languages. People who talk about how they learn languages, what kind of experiences they made and what they think about language learning.


The secrets of learning a new language | Tedtalk
Lýdia Machová

What does it take to Become a Polyglot? The #1 Ingredient! Jan & Lucas, Language Boost

Les meilleurs conseils de Luca Lampariello et Matthew Youlden pour apprendre une langue étrangère

Polyglots – How Do You Become One? Conversations With Luca. (#1 In English), Steve Kaufmann


What makes you happy? | Easy German 64
Easy Languages

Deutsch lernen / Michael ist krank. / Hast du Fieber?Dialoge, Hallo Deutschschule

Nicos Weg – A1 – Ganzer Film
Deutsch lernen mit der DW

Deutsch lernen mit Deutsche Welle – aktuelle Nachrichten, Podcast, Übungen

Deutsch bei Jalol, Geschichten A1-C1

Deutsch bei Jalol, Geschichten A1-C1

Apps zum Vokabeln lernen: Memrise, Anki, Duolingo German

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