Die natürliche Art, um eine Sprache zu lernen

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Is it really possible to learn a foreign language without boredom and long-term courses? What do all the Polyglots have in common who learn one language after the other in a very short  time? The answer is: the right way of learning!

That includes comprehensible and interesting Input, as far as listening and reading is concerned, in which the active listening is immensely important. Also comprehensible short texts like short stories and dialogue. It is important,too, to repeat audio, videoclips and texts as often as possibile..repeat, repeat, repeat… And not to endlessly repeat grammatical excercises!

Stephen Krashen, a linguist, who is really well-known for his theory of the natural approch of language learning, says that the acquisition of grammar will be acquired intuitively and subconsciously during listening, reading and speaking. Grammar rules are used to support and monitor and will be acquired in a natural order in the learning process.

And finally motivation! Learning with a coursebook can quickly be boring, because the content is set. On the other hand free choice of content depending on your interests motivates you. The Internet is a huge resoure and the best coursebook that can be found. Today it is not necessary be in the country to lear the appropriate language. In the era of Internet almost is possible. It is easier than ever to find all you need, texts, grammar rules, podcasts to practice listening skills. There are even provider on whose sites you can find a learning partner for the requested language. 

And there are tutors like me, with them you can practice your ability of speech individually.

But the most important thing is:

  1. motivation
  2. regular learning periods ( every day 20-30 minutes instead of one hour per week)
  3. listening, listening,listening

    Finally it is necessary speak from the first moment on, once you are a little bit familiar with the new language to improve it:

    Communication is the goal!


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