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Do you want to talk German fluently? Do you want to learn to be more comfortable and self-confident speaking the german language? And you want to expand your vocabulary?

You can practice and improve your german language skills with me, with learnGerman Conversation. 

Possible targets could be:

  • Practice and deepening the German language skills

  • Expanding the vocabulary of the speech

  • Decrease the anxiety talking the German language

  • Improvement of the speaking ability

  • Preparation and focuses on specific topics and situations

  • To enjoy a conversation

Have I piqued your curiosity, your interest? Then look after my offer and have a free taster lesson without obligation.

Read and listen for free

Learn German through storytelling – shorties, dialogs and articles about the German language and more


Here we can talk about various topics like everyday life, free time activities, holidays, film and TV, music etc.. We can talk about anything that is of interest to you or that motivates you. The emphases of this course is on having natural flow of speech in a conversation without thinking much about grammar.

Course price

I offer you a conversation training that you would enjoy and that is adapted to your level and your interests, your desires. You get the training for a moderate price. 

There is no long-term commitment. There isn’t a contract. You can make an appointment with me to talk on Skype in a way to be comfortable and adapted in your daily plannings.

20 minutes taster lesson for free

Do you want to talk with me?

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You can book a conversation meeting. Please choose follow the next steps.

There will be no further commitments, no subscription. You book only that course you are interested in. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m always at your service.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Your German language coach, Tanja Dreyer

Three steps and you are up for it

Your computer has a microphone and a videocamera? Great! Then we can meet and talk to each other on Skype. You don’t have Skype? You can download it. It’s not difficult and it’s free.
Click on Contact and write a e-mail with your name, nationality. And please indicate your favored time. I will answer you as soon as possible to agree a meeting.

When we have agreed an appointment, you can pay very easy with PayPal your favored training. I will e-mail the PayPal bank account. Payed in advance, fine, we can start.

Are you new? You are lucky! I offer a free taster conversation for 20 minutes. Send me an e-mail. Questions? Of course I will answer the questions.

Learn German Conversation

100 % free first talk – I look forward to talking with you soon!
Free taster conversation