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To learn a language well enough to communicate means to talk, talk, talk…


I’m Tanja, the creator of Learn German Conversation.

First of all I want to tell you the main problem of language learning. Not only the traditional and really complicated method of language learning like in school, but also language learning has become a product like “you need this German course or that teacher or this German workbook.”      No!      The internet is full of authentic stuff!

The truth is that learning a language is and has always been about people – talking- learning through conversation, to understand people and to be connected with them and the culture. That is the natural way!

And I say you don’t need a course or a workbook!

That is a false representation of how people speak. And it doesn’t prepares you for the reality of having a conversation, where you only understand the half of what people are saying.

If you really want to speak German fluently and to understand the German speech, you have to communicate, you have to talk, you have to practice the spoken language. 

You have to get German from reality!

Learn German through conversation, online on Skype to improve your skills to speak German natural, to increase fluency speaking German.

To learn German well enough to communicate means talk, talk, talk – without pressure and without stress.

With me like your personal German language trainer there is one big and important advantage. I don’t teach the German language like in school. I will support and help you to improve your German through conversational training live on Skype.


 Tanja Dreyer – German language coach


Do you want to speak German fluently? – It`s very easy!

Learn German Conversation offers you conversation courses with the most effective method!

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Your German language coach, Tanja Dreyer

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